A warm welcome to Cedar Integrated Primary School.

As an integrated school we welcome children from all faiths and none where they can learn with, from and about each other.

Any new prospective parents are very welcome to have a tour of the school to see why Cedar is different and an excellent school.

Cedar School Gallery Picture

Congratulation to Nyah Chambers, Eden Kelly, John Killen, Caragh McKay, Fionn Mulhern and Ethan Stevenson who made their Confirmation in St. Patrick’s Church Downpatrick.  Thank you to Mrs Mailey and Miss Bennett for preparing the pupils.

Congratulation to Elise Copeland, Adam Donnelly, Ethan Murtagh, Ben Philips, Odhran Morris,, Zara Turnbull, Grace Walsh, Zack Wilson, Cory  and Finn O’Donnell who took part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation  in St. Joseph’s Church, Crossgar on Friday.  Thank you to Mrs Magee for preparing the pupils for the service and Mrs Glover for organising the other P3 pupils who made up the choir.


Cedar Integrated Primary School hosted a performance of “In the Net”, an e-safety and cyber bullying play.  P4-7 pupils from St Joseph’s and Glasswater Primary Schools joined us to watch a play reinforcing the message about safe internet use.

  • To keep personal information safe when online.
  • It reinforced the message about the effects of cyber-bullying on others.
  • The play reminded the children what to do if they were being cyber-bullied.
  • The ‘Uh-Oh’ feeling was when, they came upon something that made them feel uneasy, close down the screen and tell an adult quickly.
  • Introduced your “digital footprint” and how that can be used by future employers.

The children were completely captivated by the script and the great actors and it should reinforce the e-safety lessons going on in ever school.

We are raised a huge £120 for the IEF on 'Odd Socks Day'. Thank you for your support! 


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