Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders 2018/19:

Lara Healy, Emma McKeown, Conor McKee, Jack Casey, Carla Coulter, Rudy Miskelly, Jayden Turnbull, Ashling Donnelly, Jacob Bradshaw and Ashton Ross


The Digital Team do a fantastic job of keeping our iPads and computers working.

They have many key roles across the school:

1 - To look after, update and fix technical issues with our iPads

2 - To set up the audio/visual equipment for Assemblies and performances

3 - To look after our PCs and printers in the ICT suite

4 - To run lunchtime and after school clubs to help the younger pupils with their computer skills

5 - To make sure that everyone is safe online

We are looking forward to seeing what new ideas our 2018/19 Digital Leaders can bring to Cedar!