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The following are guidelines on how homework at Key Stage 2 should be presented. The intention is that by adopting a similar format, continuity and consistency will develop between the three-year groups. Progression will be built in, as pupils are required to take on new skills as they move through the Key Stage.

Maths Homework

  • Date on each piece of work e.g. 4/09/17 at the top right hand side of page.

  • Title, if appropriate, on the same line as date.

  • P5-7 should rule a margin.

  • Work should be completed in pencil.

  • All questions should be numbered / labelled correctly.

  • Pupils should try to space their work out neatly.

  • Where appropriate calculations should be shown and when ‘sums’ are set a ruler should be used

Links for Parents:

Mental Maths Parent Advice KS2 (P5-P7)

Mental Maths Parents Advice KS1 (P3/P4)

Mental Maths Parents Advice Foundation Stage (P1/P2)


English Homework

  • Written date at the top of the page e.g. Thursday 4th September 2017.

  • Title two lines underneath. This should be underlined in pencil.

  • P5 will complete homework in pencil, P6 in pen / pencil depending on pupil competence/confidence and P7 in blue pen.

  • Margin is printed in the book already and does not need to be ruled over.

  • Label / number all questions correctly.

  • Pupils should be encouraged to use full sentences, capital letters and appropriate punctuation.

  • Pupils should be encouraged to use the handwriting style taught in school.

  • On – line Support

Support for parents

On-line Homework  My School Login

Child’s school user name  

Child’s current password

Role of Parents

Parents are encouraged to

  • provide a suitably quiet environment for their children to complete homework.

  • encourage their child to organise him/herself and check school bags at all ages for Homework notes and information.

  • support their child by valuing the purpose of homework.

  • talk to their child about the work they are completing.

  • ensure that their child puts effort into completing his/her work to his/her ability.

  • praise their child for these best efforts.

  • ensure that all necessary equipment and resources are readily available e.g. pencils, glue sticks, colours, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Atlas, reference books.

  • encourage their child to repeat a homework if necessary.

  • sign written homeworks and homework diaries.

  • sign reading records and comment where necessary.


If a child is having difficulty completing a particular homework or should an occasion arise preventing a homework from being completed, parents should not hesitate to inform the class teacher.



Guidelines for children

• Go to your quiet Homework area.

• Get out your Homework Diary.

• Collect the books and equipment that you will need.

• Read what you are being asked to do carefully.

• Ask an adult to help if needed.

• Complete the task and be sure that it is the very best work that you can


• Get it checked and signed by an adult.

• Put it into your school bag

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