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Online Safety - Parents/Carers


From Thrive Academy Parents Workshop


Tip 1

Children Copy what they see

Model what you expect is possible

Image by Vitolda Klein

Tip 3

Phone free zone

Dinner table and board games sessions

Image by Vitolda Klein

Tip 2

Create a family charging station

All devices visible

phones charging

Tip 4

Timer for games

Limit screen time

Playing games on a phone


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Tip 1

Foster understanding 

  • Take the same interest in the online world as the offline world

  • Spend time online together as a family 

  • Take time to gain an understanding about the websites, games and Apps they use

Doing Homework

Tip 3

Building children’s trust 

  • Need to offer support and be careful not to overreact       

  • Also consider your own online behaviours – children notice how adults act and follow their lead

Mother and Daughter Love

Tip 2

Enabling positive communication

  • Have regular and informed conversations with your child about their online world and to agree and set some boundaries – as they would in other situations     Important to get the balance of activities right   

  • Agree times that your child can go online and what they can do    

  • TEAM (Talk, Explore, Agree, Manage) 


Tip 4

Using the technical tools 

  • Parental Controls on home Wi-Fi, devices and search engines to filter content

  • Privacy Settings – children show know how to block and report. Turn off geo-location data

  • Time settings

  • Limiting spending and password protection

Image by Dan Nelson

Help and Support 

Information on popular apps

Help for broaching challenging subjects 

Help and support to keep your child safe online

Tips and advice 

Online safety messages and check facility 

‘Experts in digital family life’ 

Be Internet Awesome

EA TikTok Guide For Parents & Carers

View Here >

Parental Control Apps (Screen Time)

Family Link (Android)

Apple Screen Time (Apple)

Quostodia (All Platforms)

Safer Schools NI App

Dear Parents and Carers, 


We are delighted to invite you to download our new Safer Schools NI App, provided to your school by the Department of Education and INEQE Safeguarding Group. (Downloaded Safer Schools last year? This new and updated App replaces it!) 


Did you know?

92% of children in Northern Ireland use video sharing platforms, with 53% using social media and 65% accessing messaging apps (Ofcom, 2020). If your child hasn’t already been using these platforms, they soon will be! Therefore, it's more important than ever to be aware of how to keep your child safe.  


How will the Safer Schools NI App help you? 

Provides you with easy-to-follow steps on how to make your home and devices safer in the ‘Need-to-Know' section. It’s a great place to start!   


Keeps you up to date with the current online trends, threats, and risks to your child. This information is sent directly to your device!  


Delivers the information you need to know on social media and gaming platforms, helping you understand the latest buzzwords and how to set privacy and parental settings on platforms like Among Us, Minecraft and TikTok.


Offers expert guidance to help you navigate important issues such as bullying, mental health and healthy relationships. Giving you practical tips on how to approach these conversations with your children. 


Gives you access to your school’s latest news, updated policies, and calendar all within your App.  


The Online Safety section will signpost you to help and support where you need it when you need it – it's in your pocket! 


To download and login to your Safer Schools NI App, follow the steps that have been emailed out! Make sure to enable your push notifications when prompted to keep up to date with the latest safeguarding alerts and your school news.  

Introducing Cedar’s Digital Worry Box

If you have any questions or concerns about online safety, please use the Form below.

Parents/Carers Digital Worry Box

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