Primary 3

Autumn Two

Our topic this term is Colour, Light and Celebrations.

We have been learning about Diwali and Hannukah and have been writing lots of poems about colours. We have been describing objects and added lots of adjectives to our poems to make them more exciting.


Coming up to Christmas we have been using the App Pixelable to make our own Christmas pixel art- Look out for our Christmas cards coming soon!  We also used graph paper to design our own pixel pictures using mirrors to make use the symmetry was correct.

P3 - New Summer Term

P3 have made a super start to the new term. We have been enjoying the forest- looking for 2D shape and using sticks to make tallies as well as having lots of fun!

We also started a 6 week series of 'yoga for kids' which is helping us breathe, balance and stretch.

Two of our favourite books have been 'the colour monster'. We made our own colour monsters as well as giving lots of suggestions for strategies when we feel certain emotions.

'Have you filled a bucket today?' has taught us the importance of trying to fill someone's bucket by being kind or saying nice things. Have you filled someone's bucket today?

Term - Summer One

Now that Primary 3 are working hard at home. Here at some pictures to show you what they have been doing.

Pupils continue to work on their phonics, persuasive writing and numeracy as well as other challenges. Some pupils have written super book reviews, been cooking, completing Lego challenges and making rainbows for our fabulous NHS workers!

Term - Autumn One

Welcome to a new year in Primary 3!

Our topic this term is superheroes. We have been using the APP superhero comic to record a simple story. We planned our stories using a planning board then recorded our voices and moved our characters around the screen.

We dressed up for our Halloween end of term party. 


Primary 3 have been learning all about Superheroes this term.


We have learned how to write a comic story with all the features a story needs.


We also used the App toontastic to plan a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. We recorded our characters talking and put suitable music in the background.


We also had great fun in the playground measuring who was able to jump the furthest from a standing position- a real flying superhero!