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Primary 3

Primary 3 have been learning about 'Light Colour and Celebrations'. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light celebrated in early November- we made our own rangoli patterns by colouring or using natural material outside. We also designed our own henna designs and made diva lamps out of clay. 

We have been using our amazing woods to make our own PE games.
Using some PE equipment, we had to make up some simple rules and ways to score the game. It was a great way of working on our collaboration skills and having lots of fun at the same time! 

We had a super visit from the author Declan Carville who shared with us some of his ideas of how he starts writing his books. We loved seeing his photos of fairies in Rostrevor.
It was amazing to see some of the original illustrations from his books!

As part of our PE and measuring in maths, we have been working on our standing jumps. We worked in pairs to accurately measure using chalk. Some of us even had to use 2 Metre sticks to measure how far we can jump!

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