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Our Staff


Mrs Hilary Crichton



Mrs Suzanne Marner


Mrs Linda Magee.png

Mrs Linda Magee

Primary 2


Daniel Watson

Primary 4

Head of KS1

Mathematics Co-ordinator

Deputy Designated Teacher

Primary 6 Mrs Trica Mailey.png

Mrs Tricia Mailey 

Primary 6

Designated Teacher

Integration/ RE/RSE Co-ordinator

CA 1.png

Mrs Bronagh McGrattan

Primary 1 

Classroom Assistant

CA 2.png

Mrs Lilia Mason

Primary 3

Classroom Assistant

First Aider

Rachel Ferguson.jpg

Rachel Pentland

Primary 5

Classroom Assistant

ca 4.png

Mrs Kathy Cardy

Classroom Assistant

First Aider

Nursery Assistant.png

Mrs Linda McGrath

Nursery Assistant


Mr Jake Fitzpatrick

Building/Grounds Supervisor


Wendy Walker

Catering Staff

Primary 2 Mrs Danielle McGreevy.png

Mrs Danielle McGreevy

Primary 1

World Around Us Co-ordinator

Primary 3 Mrs Kathryn Glover.png

Mrs Kathryn Glover

Primary 3

SENCo and Music Co-ordinator

Carol O'Sullivan.jpg

Carol O'Sullivan

Primary 5

Literacy Co-ordinator

p 7 Miss Rachel.png

Miss Rachel Bennett

Vice Principal and P7 Teacher

UICT/ Assessment


Lana Carlisle.jpg

Lana Carlisle

Primary 2 

Classroom Assistant

Cara Ashe.png

Cara Ashe

Primary 4

Classroom Assistant

ca 3.png

Mrs Moira Jackson

Learning Support Assistant and First Aider

ca 5.png

Miss Rebecca Carberry

Classroom Assistant

sec t F.png

Mrs Karen Chambers

School Secretary

catering 2 .png

Mrs Dolores Masterson

Catering Staff

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