Primary 4

Activity Based Learning

As part of our topic on toys the children really enjoyed completing the challenges during Activity Based Learning. For the first challenge the children had to work as a team to make the longest chain using only one piece of paper. The winning team managed to make a chain which was over four meters long. Super teamwork!

In another challenge the children had to use Lego to make a very strong bridge which could cross the river. We then tested all the bridges to see which could hold the most weight before it broke. The strongest bridge was able to hold an amazing 4500g!

For the snowman challenge the children had to try and make the tallest snowman they could using only 3 pieces of paper. The snowman needed to have 3 sections and needed to be able to stand by itself. This was a tricky challenge but you can see that the children did a great job and had lots of fun!


Habitats Topic

As part of our Habitats topic the children had great fun working in the forest to make pictures of different animals. I’m sure you will agree the pictures are fantastic.