Primary 4

Toys and Games Topic

As part of our topic on toys the children have been explaining how to play Hopscotch. Of course, we had to play it first!

We also made lots of different toys/games with natural materials in the forest. Can you guess which toys or games we made?

Habitat Topic

As part of our habitat topic the children had great fun working in the forest to make lots of different types of habitats. We also made pictures of autumn trees using natural materials.

Activity Based Learning

The children really enjoyed completing the toy related challenges during Activity Based Learning. For one of the challenges the children had to use Lego to make a very strong bridge which could cross the river. We then tested all the bridges to see which one could hold the most weight before it broke.

Christmas Play

At the moment we are busy rehearsing for our Christmas play. Our classroom has been taken over by Santa and all his helpers!