Primary 4

This year we celebrated World Book Day by wearing our pyjamas to school.

We really enjoyed reading our favourite books while drinking hot chocolate!

Term - Spring Two

Term - Spring One

This term our topic was World War 2.


We created Blitz pictures, made Anderson shelters as part of our homework and had a great day at the Lisburn Museum looking at artefacts, searching for evidence and making gas masks.

P4 are great ornithologists.


We have been feeding the birds in preparation for the Big School’s Bird Watch. We have had lots of long tailed tits feeding at our windows.

On the day of the birdwatch we were very lucky to see a Red Kite as well as lots of other birds.

Term - Autumn Two

For our toy topic this term we completed a lot of STEM challenges such as building the longest marble run, building basketball towers from newspaper, making bridges from Lego and making the tallest snowman from three pieces of paper. We had to think very carefully and had to improve our designs as we went along. Here are some photos to show you how we got along.

The children have been very creative again and have made their own toys from recycled materials. All the toys were put on display in the front hall but here are some give you an idea of the talent we have in P4. I’m sure you will agree that they are all fantastic.


Here are some photos of us playing hopscotch. In our literacy we had to explain how to play the game so we thought it would be best to play it first!

Term - Autumn One

A lot of very scary people came to our Halloween party. Do you recognise any of them?


Our class have been learning about Portugal as part of our European Day of Languages. We dressed up in the colours of the Portugal flag.


Our topic this term was habitats. The children have been very busy making lots of different habitats at home. They all look fantastic but here are some examples to show you how creative P4 are.

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