Primary 5

Term - Autumn Two

P5 were learning about ‘Growth’ this term.  We focused on how bacteria grows and carried out an experiment in which we grew mould! The children also made Newspaper reports about how Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.

We enjoyed outdoor learning this term – We explored the school grounds investigating the different types of trees and plants that grow here.

We had 2 trips this term – Our first trip was to Rowallene Garden as part of our ‘Growth’ topic.  We had great fun exploring all the wonderful things that grow there!

Our second trip was to Dundonald Ice Bowl as part of an Integrated Education Day. Children ice skated with ice hockey players from American College teams and completed some physical activities and games with fitness coaches.  We interviewed some of the hockey players and had a talk from the Belfast Giant’s Assistant Coach.  We also got to go bowling and to Indiana Land.  A fantastic day all round!

Term - Autumn One

Our topic this term is India.  P5 children have had so much fun researching and exploring India.  We have looked at natural disasters, food, animals, maps and life in an Indian village.  Did you know that lots of popular board games originated in India?  P5 used this as inspiration to plan and build their own board games.  They have created advertisements for their board games using Windows Moviemaker!

Term - Spring Two

Our topic this term was ‘Marvellous Mysteries’.  P5 investigated all sorts of strange events including the Bermuda Triangle and how the Giant’s Causeway was created.  Seeing we weren’t able to visit the Bermuda Triangle (too risky…), we visited the Giant’s Causeway instead! We managed to find Finn McCool’s boot and Oonagh’s organ!

P5 taking a break from their home learning and making use of all those stockpiled toilet rolls! Here is our version of the 'Toilet Roll Challenge'

Term - Spring One

This term, our topic was ‘Ancient Egypt’. P5 had so much fun making Egyptian jewellery, learning Egyptian dancing and creating individual learning journals to display their expert knowledge!


Here they are dressed up as part of our ‘Ancient Egypt’ day!

The anti-bullying ambassadors also organised a ‘superhero’ day this term.  Here are P5 dressed up as their interpretation of superheroes!

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