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Maths Support

General Guidance

Addition Strategies
Subtraction Strategies
Multiplication Strategies
Division Strategies
Mental Maths - Addition
Mental Maths - Subtraction
Mental Maths - Multiplication
Mental Maths - Division
Mental Maths - Parent Guide
Mental Calculations
RUCSAC Poster Set

Weblinks (All stages)

Games and interactive activities that cover a wide range of topics

Practice questions. Subscription service available. English system (Reception = P1, Year 1 = P2 etc)

Wide range of resources listed by topic and suitable ages

Maths revision - competitions and games

Foundation Stage P1 & P2

Mental Maths Parents Advice
P2 Teaching Programme
P2 Sample Tasks

Key Stage 1 (P3 & P4)

Mental Maths - Parent Advice
KS1 Strategies
P4 Teaching Programme
P3 Teaching Programme

Weblinks (KS1)

Video clips and learner guides that cover all aspects of the KS1 curriculum

Key Stage 2 (P5, P6 & P7)

Mental Maths Parent Advice
P6 Teaching Programme
P7 Teaching Programme
Ks2 Strategies 
P6 Sample Tasks
P7 Sample Tasks

Weblinks (KS2)

An excellent site that covers all KS2 topics through video. Follow up questions and answers too!

Games, worksheets and interactive activities. Registration and £10 subscription required to access full site.

Video clips and learner guides that cover all aspects of the KS2 curriculum

Mental Maths Posters
Helping Your Child With
Problem Solving Strategies
P1 Teaching Programme
P1 Sample Tasks
P5 Teaching Programme
P5 Sample Tasks
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